Self Tanners

How to Get a Beautiful Summer Glow in the Winter

I have ridiculously pale skin, even in the summer, self tanning products have become my favorite cosmetic product. I have achieved that smooth, flawless healthy glow.

When I first started applying bronzers, I was inexperienced, and had not quite mastered the technique; somehow I always ended up looking like I rolled around in a bag of Doritos.

However, my newest attempts at a summer glow have been surprisingly good.


The trick to self tanners is first finding a product that works well for your skin tone, and second knowing how to apply the product. This second part takes some practice.

Applying Self Tanner

There are tons of articles online, and YouTube videos instructing you on how to best apply self
tanning products. I am going to give you a few tricks that I have found work
well for me.

1. Always exfoliate before you apply the product. This way your skin will be a smooth clean surface for the tanner.

2. Make sure your skin is moisturized. If you are thinking of trying out a self tanning product moisturize your body for a few days before you try out the tanner.

This helps the tanner last longer, and again creates a smoother surface.

3. When applying the self tanner start with a small section of your body, and rub the tanner in as evenly as you can in a circular motion to prevent streaks.

4. I have found that if you buy a product that has some shimmer to it or a bit of colour immediately you can see where you have already applied the product.

5. Apply tanner extremely lightly to areas like your knees or elbows that have drier skin because the product will stick to these areas a little more, and always ends up looking darker.

6. Also apply tanner lightly to any areas that have a crease such as the back of your knees because the product can tend to create crease lines here.

7. WASH YOUR HANDS AND NAILS THOROUGHLY… self tanner loves to dye your nails, and
in between your fingers so make sure you wash your hands really well immediately after.

8. If you happen to have spotty areas just exfoliate next time shower and this should help.






Some Favourite Self Tanning Products

1 .St.Tropez Tanning Foam with Glove

This product is reasonably priced for a self tanning product, if you use the glove to apply it gives a flawless finish, the colour is natural, it dries quickly, and does not smell like a self tanning product.

2. Clarins Tanning lotion with Cocoa

  • · This product is also slightly more expensive than the brands you may find at your local drugstore, you can really tell the difference between lower and higher end








products when it comes to self tanning lotion.

  •  The

    Clarin’s lotion gives a very natural bronze look with little smell, and is infused with pure cocoa extract.


3. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronze Self Tanner (the one with the lid on top, not the gel one)

  • · This product is one of my favorites (it’s not too costly). It’s also tinted, so that when you are applying you can see where you have already applied the product. The only downfall with this one is that it is quite shimmery upon first applying it; however this does go away after showering.

4. Jergens Natural Glow

  • · This product is fantastic for those of us that have very pale skin it’s available in different levels of darkness.

Occasionally I experience issues with self tanning products that are too dark for my skin tone.

The brand Natural Glow allows you to pick the right shade for your skin tone, and then slowly
build on it to create a tanned look. Love the price.- E.L

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