Knee Pain and Osteoarthritis


Knee pain is a problem that usually affects women, in their forties or older. However, as of late there are more young people that are complaining about this kind of pain. Given that the knees are such an important part of our body and crucial for our mobility, it is necessary to keep them safe and protect their function. Some of the diseases and conditions can render us immovable. It is something that develops over time (especially in case of diseases) and it can be quite hard to treat. Like any similar issue, it is necessary to notice first symptoms on time and act accordingly.

The most common issue that affects the knees is osteoarthritis. This type of condition is one of the dominant types of arthritis. It is a degenerative disease meaning that it gets worse with time. Besides knees, it can also affect other joints in our body especially hips and hands. Scientists have still not fully discovered the reason for this disease.

However, most of them think that it is caused by mix of genetic and mechanical issues.

As the time goes by, our cartilage in joints is being worn down. Eventually, it starts losing its density and slowly starts disappearing. Given that it serves as a cushion between the bones, without it, there is a lot of friction between mentioned body parts. This leads to pain, inflammation, swelling which is treatable by physiotherapy and medicine such as Euflexxa, Hyalgan or Orthovisc from Medica Depot. People who are doing hard physical work, those with increased body mass, people who are prone to accidents and women during menopause are the riskiest group.

Besides this issue, many athletes and young people encounter various types of sports injuries. In some cases, excessive weight or pressure on kneecaps can lead to it. Although this is much less severe condition than osteoarthritis, patient still needs to take it seriously because it can lead to complications. Luckily, mechanical injuries are much easier to recover from if the person is willing to change its lifestyle.

Both of these issues are treatable nowadays. The most important thing about osteoarthritis is to notice it on time. Given that it a degenerative disease, it can only get worse with time. So, timely reaction can remedy the state. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that they are suffering from it until it’s too late. Pain is usually mild or appears from time to time. As the disease progresses it can be very problematic and affect people even when they are sitting or lying down. As previously mentioned, drugs like Synvisc, Orthovisc and also Euflexxa can provide great support. But, the physical exercise (closely monitored by the doctor) is the best way to go.

When it comes to mechanical injuries or pressure related pain, the treatment can vary from situation to situation. In case that the person is overburdening the knees during the training, it is best if the same individual stops the training for a time being and applies bandages and ice. In other situations, stretching and physical therapy can be just the right thing for the patient. Sometimes, individual is even forced to stop practicing the sport or hobby that lead to the issue.~


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